13 Must Have Free Android Apps for Your Phone

If you have bought a new android smartphone and wish to make it more powerful and purposeful then the best way to do it is by downloading some amazing apps on it.

We at Kataak bring to you the must have 13 from the lot.

1) Android Device Manager (ADM) – If misplacing or losing phone is something that scares you, then Android Device Manager is your stop. This app from Google helps you keep your phone and data inside it safe. It works by associating with your Google account. By any means if you are still not able to find it, the app also lets you reset your device’s screen lock password and erase all data present in it. Amazing, little thing isn’t it?


2) Pintasking

The perfect app for app lover, Pintasking allows you to switch between various apps with ease. It allows you to pin apps to the side of the screen for easy switching. You can say that it is a replacement for the ALT-TAB shortcut on Windows desktop computers. Pintasking also adds the ability to go back to the last app you were using with some intuitive swipe controls.


3) Waze– Traffic jams are a pain in the head. You can keep them at bay by using Waze- the World’s largest community based traffic and navigation application. From police alerts, road closures to jam up routes, you get all the information by drivers driving around you.


4) Unclouded – There are plenty of cloud storage services available these days, and you might be storing files with more than one of them between work and personal accounts. Rather than moving between mediocre apps, you can use Unclouded. It provides quick access to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, and more. You can upload/download files, see what’s using up your storage space, and find duplicate files. This app is free to use, but a $2.49 upgrade adds unlimited accounts and additional security options.


5) Pushbullet

Pushbullet is one amazing  application that allows you to send links, text, and files between your devices, your computer, and your friends’ devices. Other features of Pushbullet include desktop notification mirroring, SMS replies from the desktop, universal copy-and-paste across all your devices.


6) Pedometer– This stunning app assists you in your ‘getting healthy’ plans by counting your footsteps and calorie burned every day. It works in a similar fashion to manual pedometers and allows you to put targets and view monthly progress. The best part- the ease it brings to calorie burning.

7) Clue– Also called as the savior of women, Clue lets women keep a track of their period dates apart from other valuable information.

8) Microsoft Office Mobile– It was long since users wished for a Microsoft Office apparatus in an app. And here it is. This free app allows you to write/edit documents, make presentations and excel sheets among others on the go.

9) Mail Wise – Say no to email woes and handling multiple mobile apps across your email accounts with Mail Wise. This single app helps you take care of all your email accounts from one place.

10) Pocket – As its name suggests, Pocket is a stunning app that lets you save articles, videos and all sorts of content over platforms for later viewing. The good part about this app is that you don’t need an internet connection to view the bits you’ve saved.

11) Google Goggles– This cute app lets you search by taking a picture.  Point your phone camera at a painting, a landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. If Google finds it in its database, Google Goggles will provide you with useful information.

12) Duolingo

Learn a new language in bits on the go with Duolingo.
image02213) Kataak Dekhle

This is World’s 1st live home designer app that let you visualize home decor including wall paint, wall decor, furniture, flooring, furnishings in an environment similar to your home before buying it.

Loved some? Download them right away!

Author: Isha Mathur

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