5 Amazing Hacks to Revamp Your Living Room

It is no mystery that with time, we get bored of the look of our home. Though it still looks good to the eye, we wish to give it a brand new appeal to make the space a lot more inviting. The case is no different for the living room.

Living room

Here are 5 amazing hacks to give that fresh look to your living room without hitting the bank.

Stairs to Heaven: If you have some space in the corner, then you can jazz it all up by placing artificial stairs. These are stylish chunky platforms and can be found easily at any online home-decor store.  With such unique stairs that go nowhere, you are adding a special charm to your living room.


Cold fire: Have you ever thought about adding a fireplace in your living room ? You would say that fireplaces are a need in western countries with absolutely no use in India. Of course, we agree on the part, but here we are talking about showpieces that look like fireplace mantels.  These items add a new dimension to the room and with a royal and sophisticated appeal.


Artficial Windows: Another idea to change the look & feel of your room is hanging an artificial window on the simple bare wall. Beautiful curtains can also be added to give it a more realistic appeal. Not only making your living room look stunning, such windows also give it a spacious appeal.


Fake plantation: Greenery always add freshness and positivity to a space. You can also place a small artificial tree or plant at the corner of your living room to redefine its look. Spraying enchanting perfumes over it would make the space even more blissful and mesmerizing.


False ceiling: Ceilings are always undermined for their potential. They are like bare canvases, waiting for their owner to add a bit of color and style. Without doing any other add-ons but adding only a beautiful false ceiling could bring a fresh new look to your room.

Apart from all that ideas, there are a number of living room designs that you can try to modify your home.

Author: Karan Prakash

With training in Mass Communications it seemed natural for Karan to write blogs for us. When he is not writing, he loves drawing caricatures and dancing.

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