5 Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Home!

Feng Shui

Make way for positive energy in your home with the traditional Chinese art of living Feng Shui. The experts in the field of Feng Shui suggests you the following tips.

1) Protect your front door– According to Feng Shui, anything that obstructs the view from your front door can cause challenges in the household. It can be anything from an electric pole or a notice board or statue. Disperse the negative energy by putting something directly in front of the obstruction. It can be anything from potted plants to fence or any decorative hanging.

2) Move the Mirrors – Feng Shui considers Mirrors in the bedroom inauspicious. Try moving them to any other place. If that is not possible, keep them covered with a cloth, when not in use.

3) Keep leaky taps in control – Leaky taps symbolise the gradual loss of wealth as per Feng Shui. Thus, take care that none of the taps at your home are faulty. If you find any, get it repaired or replaced immediately.

4) Create happy surroundings at the center – According to Feng Shui the center of the house is very important. It is considered that part of the house from where the whole family derives energy form. Hence, it is vital that you make it a happy place. You can do so by using vibrant wall colors, happy family photographs or portraits etc.

5) Keep the bedrooms clean– Bedroom is the most private space in a home and hence Feng Shui demands it be the cleanest possible. Ensure that all the bedroom, especially the Master bedroom and the sleeping areas for the kids are tidy all the time.

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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