5 Kitchen Design Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

The kitchen is used on daily basis and the number of activities like cooking, eating, cleaning etc. takes place in it. We all want our kitchen look beautiful and it should meet all our requirements. There is the number of things that should be considered when it comes to kitchen designing. Here are the common mistakes to avoid in order having a perfect and elegant modular kitchen design.

Kitchen Design
1. Not opting for the rule of thumb – One of the most important rules of thumb in the terms of kitchen designing is Kitchen Triangle. The primary task of this in every traditional kitchen is carried out by the sink, gas stove, and fridge. This layout, work as a triangle which creates the greatest creativity area for comfortable working. Out of these three, the sink is highly used and coordinating with fridge and gas stove. As a general guideline, the distance between these three should not less than 4 feet and not more than 9 feet. Most of the people do not consider this Kitchen Triangle layout rule which is a common mistake in most of the modular kitchen Design.

Modualr Kitchen

2.Ignoring functionality – A large number of people just focuses on the finish and looks and forgets about the functionality. As an example, cabinets’ doors clashed with the dishwasher’s door as you can’t open both of them at the same time. Same goes with the fridge like people buy a fridge and then realize that its door opens in a way. So apart from the looks, it is also important to work on the placement and functionality.

Kitchen Design Ideas

  1. Prep area – One of the biggest complaints regarding kitchen design is not having proper prep area or countertops. People opt for the decorative countertop which is good but it should be functional as well. First of all evaluate how you use your countertop or need the space. Less amount of counter space leads to confined and uncomfortable working. It generally varies with the circumstances of the room, requirement, and budget but it is good to having enough space for easy working.
  2. KitchenNot having backsplash – Not installing backsplash is quite a bad decision as it works as a safeguard for the wall and also makes it look spic and span. It protects the walls from grease, heat, steam, etc. that can spoil the look or damage the finish of the walls. Not opting for backsplash leads to future investment in cleaning or repairing. It is also one of the best kitchen design ideas as it accents the look of the kitchen.


5. Not having proper lighting – Lighting is one of the essential parts in every kitchen design. When it comes to home décor, lighting comes on the property whether it is for kitchen or any other room. Kitchen requires more lighting, especially over the prep areas. There are generally three types of lighting ambient lighting that illuminate the whole area, task lighting especially for prep areas, accent lighting that focuses on the particular subject. Task lighting is most important for the kitchen and you can opt for pendant light fixtures for that.
Kitchen Lighting

So these were the common mistakes in kitchen designs committed by most of the people. In order to make it more perfect, one can seek professional help by opting for home decor online platform.

Author: Karan Prakash

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