5 Kitchen Spots you forget to decorate every time

Though loved for the role it plays, kitchen is often the most ignored areas of a home. People love to experiment new styles on their bedroom, living room, drawing room and even the balcony to make them look beautiful, but what about the kitchen.

Give these 5 spots the deserved attention and make way for a cooler cooking space.

1) You missed the Ceiling

Does your kitchen have the ordinary plain white wall as a ceiling? Ceiling is a great place to put some cool wallpaper, do some texture or simply add a different color. Doing so gives a distinct edge to the cooking area and makes it look stunning. You can also add some trendy false ceilings depending upon your kitchen decor.

KItchen Ceiling

2) Cluttered Counters

Microwave, Induction cooker, coffee maker, toaster, sandwich maker and all your little appliances quickly take up good space on the counter and make it look cluttered. You can turn a few cabinets into appliance pantry by adjusting shelves and adding a few electrical outlets. The appliances can remain plugged there and you can work consequently. Once done, you can remove them from the plug and close the cabinet.

3) Overlooked Lighting

Most homes ignore kitchen lighting. You would be surprised to know that lighting elements add a new layer and ambience to a room and make it look soft and calm. The case is no different with kitchen lights. Two hanging lamps on either ends could do wonders to your cooking space.


4) Outdated Appliances

Kitchen appliances like the fridge, microwave, chimney etc occupies decent spaces in the kitchen and it’s necessary that they blend well with the decor. Outdated and weary appliances ruin the look.

You can ensure that they complement the decor by checking it out on Kataak  a virtual technology based platform lets you visualize everything from home decor to appliance in an environment similar to your home.

5) Slippery Floors

You admit or not but it is the kitchen flooring that is the most abused and used. Therefore, don’t opt for wooden floors or tiles for kitchen, as they are difficult to clean and are slippery respectively. Going for anti-slip marble floor or stone are better options.

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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