5 Quick Tips to Make Any Room of your House Look Glam

There is nothing like home. Whether it is small or big, we all love our home. However, seeing the same interior home design every day get us bored.

If you feel the same, then here are some simple tips to give your house a makeover. And mind it; you don’t need to put any special effort.

1) Try a sliding Door

A sliding barn (sliding) door allows the room to be separated from the other parts of the house and gives you a new and spacious feel in your own home.  You can try putting them up in some of the rooms at your home.

The best part with them- they take less space than the normal hinged doors.

2) Applying the Focal Point Strategy

Every room has its focal point or point of attraction.  Most of the times, an intriguing piece of furniture becomes the focal point of a room. Otherwise, you can also try using a fake fireplace, beautiful aquariums or stand alone antique pieces and put them at places that garner the most attention at your house.

3) Playing with the Lights

Lighting is the major part of every home. It plays a vital role in enhancing the brightness, contrast, color and ambiance of the room. You start out by trying different shades of lamps or change the bulb holders or even try to accessorize them a bit more.  If you are planning to add some fancy lights then ensure that they are not very bright as it adds to the irritation factor.

4) Don’t miss the floor

If flooring is beautiful, your room looks beautiful. Thus it is a good idea to pay good attention to the floors as well. You can start out by putting up rugs in different hues and colours in your living room. If you are on a restrained budget, then you can use some quirky floor papers at your home. Such items give a nice appeal to the room.

5) Make use of unused space

In your home you can find many unused or empty spaces. So, put your creative mind to work and convert them into beautiful portions of your house. For example, you can transform add a den to the stairs that lead to upper storey’s of your house. This den could be a great place for exclusive hangouts with family and friends.

Author: Karan Prakash

With training in Mass Communications it seemed natural for Karan to write blogs for us. When he is not writing, he loves drawing caricatures and dancing.

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