8 Amazing Space Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

Though being the most important part of the house, kitchen is not easy to design. With items like kitchen appliances ,crockery and food items occupying most space, the area looks cluttered and unorganized. The problem increases manifold if the space is already small.

For all of you suffering from kitchen woes, here are some smart space saving tricks


Placement of Cabinets– Rather than placing cabinets horizontally which consume a lot of space, try stacking them one over another. At the top shelves, you can put your crockery or stuff, which is, used the least. How you put your items, plays an important role in determining the open space in your kitchen.

The problem with Kitchen Sink: If you have a modular kitchen, rather than middle of the kitchen, try placing your sink at the corner or between the cabinets. This gives a spacious feel gives you more cooking area.

Hide the appliances: Rather than displaying on the counters, you should hide you appliances like dish washer, oven, juicer-mixer-grinder, refrigerator etc. in the cabinets. You can also put an electric socket in the cabinet and use the appliance there itself. Please keep in note that, you should close the cabinet, only when the machine cools down

Use Neutral Shades: Usage of light colors makes a tiny modular kitchen look big , warm and bright.  Shades like white, off white, cream, light green, baby pink etc. are good options for cabinets and walls. While picking the lights, go for neutral ones that are neither too bright nor dark.

Modular Kitchen Ideas for Indian homes

Use Doors Smartly: You can also use the cabinet doors as shelves by placing small racks & shelves in their interiors. You can place items like small containers, cutlery, and small appliances there.

Turn Cutlery to Wall hangings: Instead of keeping your pans, serving spoons etc. in the cabinets or on the counters, you can hang them on the wall for display. Not only it enhances the looks of your kitchen but also free up a lot of space.

Matching contrast: Ensure that you are using the same contrast on your cabinets as the walls, especially for small kitchens. Applying varying contrast makes your kitchen look clumsy & bulky.

We hope that you will find these tips useful. If you are designing your kitchen, you can do it easily online at Kataak.

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