9 Awesome Wallpaper Inspirations for your Home

It is easy to add a spark to a space, without toiling or spending much. All you need to do is to apply some beautiful wallpapers to the rooms.

Here are 9 exciting options for you.

  1. Go Black– For a dramatic new look to your space go for wallpapers with a black base. The color brings a unique character to the room. Combine it with neutral or pure white colored walls and decor for a striking look.

Living Room

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2) Light is Bright-If you have a small space and are confused among wallpaper styles, then go for something in light shade like the one in the image shown below. It makes the room look bright and spacious


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  1. Bling is In– If you wish to give a royal look to your space, then you can go for all those rich and shiny wallpapers. Here you can go for the ones that come with intricate designs and patterns. Complete the look by adding some traditional knick knacks.image005
  2. Color it– If you are bored seeing your walls all dull and plain, then colored wallpapers are for you. These have the ability to lift the feel of the whole room and make it look all stunning and vibrant.image007
    5) Simple and Sophisticated– To give an elegant look to the space, going for geometrically patterned wallpapers with fine lines could be a great idea. Though they look simple, they add volumes to the overall look and feel of the house. The best part – these wallpapers go well with both traditional and modern home decor.


  1. Welcome Nature – Wallpapers with plant and animal prints are in vogue nowadays (you can find one below). Not only these add a unique dimension to the space, but also make it light and happy.image011

7) Modern Art – These wallpapers speak for themselves and the look they give to your room is beyond words. Combine it with trendy furniture elements to bring out the look to its best.

Vinyl Stickers– For spice and style in your room, you can go for cute vinyl wallpaper stickers. They come in a variety of designs and colors. Pick the one that goes well with the decor of your room. Kataak can be of immense help in making the choice, as it is the World’s first platform that lets you visualize home decor before you buy it.

  1. image015

9) Stripes are fun– For a fresh appeal, adding some stripes to the room could be a great idea. You can pick among a variety of colors and patterns in this segment.

Have fun with wallpapers, this year fellas, and let us know what you found.


Author: Karan Prakash

With training in Mass Communications it seemed natural for Karan to write blogs for us. When he is not writing, he loves drawing caricatures and dancing.

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