Are Living Room and Drawing Room different?

With the growing inclination towards cosy spaces, the term living room and drawing room have become almost synonyms. However, both are different spaces and come with  different purposes.

Let us examine, what makes this difference.

Living Room

Popularly known as the sitting room, living room is a relatively new term when compared to drawing room in the world of interior designing. It is the gathering place of a house, a space where family members and guests come together to spend time. Not only for recreation, living room is also the very entertainment spot for home owners.

Drawing Room

The term appeared came into prominence in the late 18th century. It was a space, especially made to entertain guests, not a place where a family will spend time. Usually, it is the room for guests to take a break or have a talk after dinner.

Drawing Room interior design

Location and Decor

One can separate the two rooms by looking at their location. The drawing-dining room usually finds a place at the entrance of the house without much access to the other rooms. Living room, on the other hand takes the center stage of the house.

When it comes to decor and furniture, living room is made the most beautiful and comfortable, as it is the relaxation point for both family and guests. You will mostly find luxurious yet comfortable furniture with beautiful interiors here coupled with entertainment devices like a television or a gaming zone or mini bar. Drawing room, however, comes only as a sitting place with minimum decor.

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