The Battle between Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl Flooring & Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the most sought after amenities in modern homes today. Its natural appearance and warmth make it timeless. Solid hardwood flooring used to be an integral part of traditional homes  and played a major role in determinig their valuation. Newer homes, however , often went for laminate or vinyl flooring due to its lower price point.

No matter what your preference is, there are certain differences between hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring. The following article will help you determine the one that fits your lifestyle, budget and decor the best.

1) Price

For most homeowners the price plays the deciding factor. Take into account the cost of hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring to assess the best choice for you.

  • Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is made using harvested trees and its price depends upon the tree chosen. In general, it is considerably expensive to buy and install.
  • Laminate – Laminate is made by pressing composite wood at high temperatures. An image of hardwood is then placed on the composite wood (covering it fully) to form the laminate. These are quite cheaper to buy and install when compared with hardwood (almost 50 percent of price difference).
  • Vinyl – This flooring has nothing to do with wood and is manufactured using 100% synthetic material like PVC. The price of a good quality vinyl flooring is lies somewhere between hardwood and laminate flooring.

2) Durability

While deciding, it is always a good idea to assess the traffic load and wear-tear the flooring would need to suffer through.

  • Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is prone to scratches, moisture and heat. In heavy traffic areas, it might show sign of wear and tear early.
  • Laminate – It is easy to clean and less prone to scratches when compared with hardwood.
  • Vinyl – Due to its core material being PVC, Vinyl flooring is free from scratches and is unaffected by heat and moisture. Thus, it is a good choice for heavy traffic areas.

3) Look And Feel

Flooring brings out the décor of the house and is one of the foremost things you feel when you wake up from a good slumber or walk around. If you are high on the decor aspect, this is something to make sure.

  • Hardwood – Being pure wood, it looks beautiful and feels great under the feet.
  • Laminate – Though it rates satisfactory on the feel aspect, it appears counterfeit due to the use of planks of compressed wood.
  • Vinyl – Being PVC, there is nothing like the warmth and feel you get with hardwood. However, when it comes to looks, it appears almost similar to a hardwood floor.

4) Repair

No flooring is there for life and thus needs constant repair and maintenance. If you are a bit idle on this aspect, then a good idea is to introspect this factor.

  • Hardwood – It can be easily repaired by rubbing down the imperfections and refinishing. Thus, it lasts for years.
  • Laminate – It can’t be repaired easily and often gets chipped due to heavy traffic. In case, you bought it in the pieces format, you might be able to replace individual blocks.
  • Vinyl – Repairing vinyl flooring is a tough job and one needs to replace the whole sheet during cuts, wear and cracks.

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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  1. Cost-cutting is important in every field now and this article tells you about some
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