Brighten up your Home this Festive Season with Colors!

Home is a place that gives warmth, feeling of oneness, affinity and sense of belongingness. The advent of festivals brings positivity in the house and makes it more vibrant, lively and joyous. Everybody wants to give his/her house a different look this festive season, and, as a result, the hunt for right home decor designs starts. Right from wall paints, wallpapers, curtains, bed sheet to sofa cover, everything needs a complete makeover from top to bottom.

Those days no longer exist when one has to go and hunt for home decor items in the physical market. Now technology has changed the complete outlook with everything available online. You only have to aware Google about the products you are looking for and the search engine will open millions of results in front of you within seconds. It sounds amazing and the bar of fascination increases when you get thousands of home decor ideas online in a single wink of eyes.

Here are some quick cost-effective tips that can help in refashioning your home without investing much time and effort:

  • Mark Arrival of Happiness with Colors!

Diwali season brings with it lights and colors and a beautiful Rangoli changes the aura of the home. Rangoli is a symbol of happiness and is generally made in open space like gallery, lobby, main entrance or in the Pooja room. In early times, it is prepared to welcome the Goddess of prosperity and wealth but now the definition has changed. Rangoli making is no more a religious belief now.

Rangoli Design

  • Shifting, Relocating & Rearranging

No, we are not asking you to shift or relocate your home but your furniture. Rearranging the furniture and other elements of the room bring newness to the home and helps in creating more space. Do not place extra furniture to fill the empty space as this will spoil the beauty of the room and will create unnecessary clutter and mess. While shifting the furniture from one end of the room to another, make sure that the corners are not obstructing the door or the high traffic areas.

  • A Touch of Natural Beauty

Natural beauty always grabs attention and using flowers for home decor is the best among the other options available. Placing fresh flowers at the center table or at the corner of the room brings a soothing effect in the aura. The soft aroma fills the room with positive energy and enthusiasm.


  • Color and Sound and Time!Use bright-colored cushion covers for your divan, sofas or ottomans and witness the magic. Dull or dark colors like gray, white, black, etc. do not create the magnetic effect that bright colors like red, yellow, orange et al bring with them. Also, place wind chimes, preferably made of copper, near windows or doors to give your home a festive and traditional look. You can also go for contemporary clocks, suiting the temperament of the other home decor elements present in the room.

Author: Shruti Puri

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