Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room

Carpet is not just a piece of cloth that is placed in your drawing room, living room or bedroom interior for the comfort of your feet but a symbol of taste, class and elegance. Carpet caters the feeling of luxury and softness under your feet. It adds a special meaning to the floor and home as well. Available in almost all type of sizes, the carpet can easily slide in your room without taking that extra space. And if there is a small toddler in your house who has just started walking then carpet can be the best safety element to save your crawler from getting hurt while playing. Apart from size, carpets also vary in shapes, quality, designs and colors. The most important part is choosing the best one for your home according to the space and shades of your walls and furniture. Here are some points that will help you in selecting the right one for your living room.

Size of the room – Carpets need more maintenance than the vinyl floors or tiles floors, so if you have a large size room you can apply a mid to darker shade of the carpet with keeping in mind that it should be contrasting with the wall shades. At the same time if you have a small or average size room you can go for the lighter shades as they give the spacious feeling. If you are not willing to go for full flooring carpeting, medium size rugs can be the option for you that can be place anywhere in the room, basically under the table for a rich and cozy feel.

Living Room Interior design

Nature of Room – If your living room experiences heavy traffic in daily routine or on a regular basis or if you have playing kids so it is suggested to go for a dark shade carpet because it needs more maintenance and if you apply light shade so the frequency of cleaning the carpet will increase, which might affect its quality. In case, your living room remains silent most of the time and comes alive only when you expect some guests at home, then light textured or light colored carpet can be your option.


Material – Carpets comes in a wide range of fiber like wool, polyester, nylon or olefin. Wool fiber carpets are flexible and ideal for heavy furniture or heavy traffic living room.  Nylon, on the other hand, is a versatile fiber and its carpets are the most popular carpets since early 40s. They are durable, fancy and are best in covering the complete floor.  Olefin or polypropylene carpets are widely used carpets these days and being devoid of the resilient nature, they are highly used to cover large rooms’ floors. The best part is that they don’t absorb water like other fibers and are stain resistant also.

Types of carpets – Frieze, Berber, Plush, and Saxony are some of the types of carpets that are prevalent in the market. Berber carpets come in flat dense surface and are durable, so perfect for high traffic living rooms. Plush are thick and soft carpets with tightly twisted fiber and are as soft as butter that you can see your foot’s pressure on them. Saxony carpets are the common ones and quite similar to Plush but not in thickness. Plush and Saxony are ideal for low traffic areas in your home. Frieze carpets look quite like cut-pile Berber carpets. They are highly durable and stain resistance so can be used in highly traffic living room.


Cost Matters – Budget is the most important step while choosing a carpet. The carpet’s cost depends on its fiber, weight and density. Be aware about the padding as it should be properly crafted. Taking the smart decision you can go for a loop carpet that gives you weight and density as compare to the cut-pile carpet. At the same note, you can also opt for polyester rather than the nylon one, if you are considering the budget.

Select the right option of carpet for your living room to change its aura and beauty and add more liveliness to it.

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