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Small Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are usually not the biggest of all rooms in a home, and in India small bathrooms is quite a norm. But this doesn’t mean that you need to stay put in crammed bathrooms. With a few tricks, you can make the space look much bigger and brighter.

1) Material – There is no hard and fast rule over the apt material choice for small bathrooms. You can choose across ceramic, stone (including natural stone like marble tile flooring ), glass, vinyl  or porcelain depending upon your budget. Each tile brings with itself a unique look to the space.

Try to use the glossy variety as they have the ability to reflect light around the corners, thus creating a more spacious feel.

2) Size of Tiles-  Many recommend that small spaces go well with small sized tiles. But this is farce, as an increase in the number of grouting lines will create a cluttered look, thus giving an impression of a much smaller space. It is advisable go for large tiles as long as they don’t require a lot of cutting to fit the corners. However, if you have a lot of corners or bathroom fittings around then small tiles with a matching grout will add to the value of the bathroom.

If you are remodeling or creating a new bathroom, then you can also go for splash panels as they cut out the option of using grouting, while creating a spacious appeal.

3) Colors – The color rule for any small room is to go for shades in light or pastel colors as these create  an illusion of space and make it look bright. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid dark shades. You can add a few dark tiles over the edges to break the monotony and create contrast.

4) Tiling Technique– Place tiles in a diagonal as it plays a trick on your eyes, making it believe that the space is larger. The reason is simple – it is difficult to count diagonally set tiles. With the regular format, you can subconsciously calculate the number of tiles on the floor and ascertain how small or big the area is.

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Author: Karan Prakash

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