How to clean and disinfect kitchen countertops?

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Though named the ‘powerhouse’, kitchen is the most unhygienic part of the house (according to recent survey reports). And, this is not good news. From microbes breeding across countertops to the germs lurking in the washbasin and drainage pipes, the space is a haven for elements you don’t want to enter your food channel.

To ensure good health for your family, here are some quick tips to disinfect your modular kitchen countertops.

Proper Sealing – First, ensure that your modular kitchen countertop is properly sealed. Granite is a hard surface but a weakly sealed one tend to soak stains, oils, leftovers and  spills and become the breeding ground for germs. To test the seal, spill some water on the countertop and if the surface soaks water, it needs to be resealed.

Clean Spills Immediately– Leaving spills for longer duration on the kitchen top leads to germs growing there.Thus, you should clean the surface immediately to dry. It is a good idea if you apply a disinfectant after the liquid spill.

Change mops and scrubbers frequently- Though impervious to our eyes, cleaning with the same cloth and scrubber everyday makes them the breeding ground for germs. You should wash them after use and also change them from time to time. It is advisable to follow a 3 month replacement routine with mops and scrubbers.

Use Natural disinfectants – It is a known fact that chemical disinfectants are not good for home. They interfere with your food and metabolism cycle, in case they found an entry to your food system.  Try using natural substances like Neem oil, Tree oil, or Orange oil for cleaning. The benefit of using them is that they do not leave behind any chemical residue after the cleaning and you can continue your normal kitchen activity without worry.

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