Clever Hacks to Refurbish Old Furniture

Every house is special and to make it a home, furniture plays a vital role. But eventually we become bored of the pieces we have and buy something new and trendy. But, do you know you can do a lot with your old furniture?

Here are some interesting hacks to reuse old furniture

Drawer into shelves: If you are fed-up with your bulky boring cupboards or dressers, then make use of its drawers. You can take them out and paint it with your favorite color or varnish and can hang it on the wall. It will work as floating shelves where you can display your stuff. These cute little shelves will also add an edge to the decor (see below).



Dresser to Bookcase – If you have, an old dresser and wish to dump it then think again.  You can convert it into a pretty bookcase. Apply Designer wallpaper in the background and paint it with your favorite colors. Your bookcase is ready and you can display your favorite books and collectibles in a beautiful way now.

Book Case Furniture

Bookshelf to kids rack – A vertically standing boring old bookshelf can be transform into a kids rack cum bench. Here you can stock your kids playing stuff, books, beddings etc. Just land it horizontally and paint it with vibrant colors.  To make it a bench put a homemade padded cushion over it.



TV unit to pet rest – If you still have that antique TV cabinet and planning throw it so don’t even think about it. You can use it in many ways. One of the most creative ways is to convert it into a small pet house where your beloved pet can sleep comfortably.



Broken Chair – If you have a broken chair at home, don’t fret as you can use it in many ways. Either you can attach strings to it and hang it in an open area to enjoy your swing or can use its spindles as a candle stand and place it on your dining table. If not, then turn it to a towel hanger for your bathroom or kitchen.



Bookcase to a bar – If you have got bored of looking at your old bookcase then convert it into an elegant bar by placing and displaying your wine, bar accessories, glasses, shots etc. It will not only look gorgeous to your guests but you can enjoy your drink in style.



Author: Karan Prakash

With training in Mass Communications it seemed natural for Karan to write blogs for us. When he is not writing, he loves drawing caricatures and dancing.

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