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Deciding on the right flooring option at home may seem like a difficult decision. It is a process that should bring out a blend of your personal taste with practical applicability. After all, it is the surface on which you and your family will walk, your kids will play and friends will strut around.

However, you need to cues from your daily life to figure out which style is the best suited for you. A few questions that you may ask yourself could be:

What size of family will regularly use the floor? Will children make any difference? Will it be exposed to moisture regularly? Will pets at home make a difference? How long you wish your new floor to last?

Bedroom – Many times, people prefer turning the whole flooring at the house wooden or concrete. But it doesn’t feel comfortable in the morning. How about adding a soft carpet in the bedroom which would feel smooth and warm or maybe something else?

Bedroom Flooring

Kitchen – When it comes to the kitchen, durability and ease of cleaning should form your top criteria. It receives the maximum abuse from the residents and thus special care is needed. Linoleum and ceramic tiles could be good options as they are easy to clean and maintain and also laminated hardwood.

Kitchen Flooring

Drawing/Dining – If your kitchen area extends into the dining/drawing room, then you need to buy a robust floor similar to the kitchen but with an inviting touch.


So, how will you go about choosing them all? Which manufacturer will you pick and which one will you leave? Would only the price be your criteria?

Yes, we understand that there is lot to be taken care of and you might make a tradeoff somewhere between the determining factors. To help you choose better, we have launched Kataak -your one stop destination to design your home yourself. We offer you the best flooring options according to your room. From bedroom, living room, drawing room, dining area to the kitchen; we have the widest possible choices for all. You can pick the one that suits the interiors of your home or play with the existing choices to find the best option.

This is not all; Kataak  also comes loaded with a price meter that tells you the prices of the chosen items as you go. This will help you keep your budget in control. If needed, you can also buy the items from the integrated e-shop as well.

Make way for the ultimate tool to choose stunning, cost-effective and practical flooring option quick and easy. Try Kataak  App now!

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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