Flower Arrangement in a Vase Made Easy!


Nothing can be more welcoming for you and your guests than a beautifully arranged flower vase in your sitting room. However, for many arranging flowers the right way seems daunting. Thus, here we have come up with a step-by-step guide on flower arrangement in vases.

1) Plan it Wise

Planning involves three vital elements and if done correctly 90% of your work is done. This includes, choice of flowers and vase (obviously ;), choice of colors and the location to put the vase up. Let us under each of these requirements in detail.

  • Choice of Flowers

When it comes to flowers, it is advisable to go for seasonal flowers as you can get them for a lower price. If you have full-fledged garden at your home then you pick your options accordingly. Flowers including, daffodils, tulips, lilacs and peonies are popular in spring while lilies, daisies and sunflower in summers. In the winters you can get marigold (nowadays, all season), camellias, jasmine and amaryllis. Otherwise, you can also get lilies, carnations and orchids anytime, as they are all-season flowers.

  • Choice of Vase

While choosing the vase, imagination is the key while taking care of the length of the bud. For longer stems go for thin, long, funnel shaped vases. Small and wide vases are better suited for short stemmed and large headed flowers.

  • Color Combination

The color chosen flowers should be your personal choice. However, it is advisable to use complimentary colors for a uniform look. For instance, you can combine red and orange color flowers or the cream and yellow ones. You can a few green leaves to give induce depth and texture.

  • Placement of the Vase

A vase with bright colored flowers is a good choice for dimly lit corners, single colored walls or dining table centers. A big vase will look good in your living room while a smaller one will be a better choice for modular kitchen and bedroom.

2) Keep the Kit Ready

Before starting it out, it is a great idea to keep all the necessary items ready. This includes, knife, tape or clips, flower preservatives ( Use Disprin tablet if you are unable find it ), rubber bands, water, newspaper and napkins.

3) The Arrangement

  • Preparing the flowers– Start from trimming the unnecessary leaves on the flowers. Cut the stem from the end diagonally (as this will help it soak water to keep it fresh) with a knife. Avoid using the basic scissors for the purpose as it may quash the stem’s edge. Take care that you have removed all the leaved present below the water level as they may rot and spoil the water.
  • Flower Arrangement– Start arranging the flowers by picking the bigger or dominant ones first and do it layer wise. Each layer should have odd number of flowers. Add the leaves in the end. Take of the width and height of the bunch into consideration. The rule of the thumb here is that the height of the flowers should be approximately 1.5 times the length of the vase. Secure the bunch with a transparent rubber band or tape.
  • Preparing the Vase– Clean the vase dry before using it and fill it half with clear water. Add the flower preservatives or a single Disprin tablet and mix well. Place the bunch in the vase, ensuring that there is no water spillage. If the flowers used have some closed buds, use warm water.

The beautiful flower vase now awaits you!


Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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