Here is how you can lift heavy furniture in an easy way!

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From creating some extra space for a get together , giving a new look to the room, getting a renovation done or even moving out,  it is often that we wish to shift furniture from one place to another. What troubles the most in such situations is the lifting of heavy pieces as they not only end up giving  a bad back but also cause a lot trouble on the way .

We talked to some of the prominent movers of the city to know their tricks to move heavy furniture with ease. Here they go:

1) Slide them, don’t Lift – Lifting furniture will only give you back aches. Unless, the furniture is small, slide the piece across the room.  While sliding don’t use your hand or shoulders but your legs, keeping your back relatively straight.

2) Slip an old blanket or plastic sheet underneath – This is one helluva of a trick. Slip an old blanket or plastic sheet underneath the furniture item and the slowly slide it by pulling the remaining piece of cloth through your hands (just rock the furniture forward or backwards and you will be able to do slide the sheet underneath easily).  Putting a blanket reduces friction and thus it become quite easy to move the item.

3) Lifting Straps – We found these lifting straps at Amazon . You need to place the belt underneath the furniture piece with the straps fixed on the arms from both sides (you will need a companion here). Now with a little tilt in the legs you and your companion will be able to lift the furniture easily. It is important to note that you should wear canvas shoes or a any shoe that provides enough grip while using these straps.


Source – Amazon Store

4) Empty it out – Don’t forget to empty out the furniture items like almirah, bed and bookshelves etc you wish to move.  Not only does it reduces your effort but also keeps any inside item from falling.

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