How to choose the right paint color for your walls ?

Have you ever thought as to why you find one part of the house appealing while the other uneasy? Or maybe you like one product over another?

Confused? It is all about colors. For everything your purchase or view, it is the color that accounts for more than 60 percent of your response towards it. However, the importance of colors in life is still underestimated. It is critical that we choose our home colors wisely as it impacts your personal wellbeing.

Here are some tips that would ease you in your ideal home paint color search.

Start with small spaces

In case, you are really unsure about which colors to use start experimenting at the small and not much discoverable places at your home. It can be your bathroom, store-room or even the study. The idea behind to use small spaces is that they would be done quickly and thus the results would be quicker which would help you in deciding whether you wish to keep or discard it.

If this appears to a troublesome to you then you can try shade tests using large boards of woods or sturdy thermocole and view the outcome by hanging them on the walls.

For experimentation purposes, you pick your preferred colors or the shade of items you are possessive about. It could be the color of your favorite blanket or even the cover photo of a book. However, if you have a theme running in your mind then you should choose your option accordingly.

Keep the concerned room in mind

Your mood for a particular room should play an important role in your choice. For example, if it is your bedroom you would definitely wish it to be more intimate and cozy. In such cases, plain and neutral color could be your best choice as it brings calmness to you. But in case you are getting the room done for your kids, you would need more bright colors as they add to the energy and excitement. However, you should not make it too flashy such that it becomes a source of irritation.

For living room and drawing rooms use of bright yet calm colors could be a better choice. You should choose a shade that makes the rooms look attractive in the eyes of visitors without interfering your conversations with them.

Use Online Tools

If the constant mix and matching in real time appear tiring and a time wasting exercise then you can also give online decor tools a try. These tools let you try a variety of colors virtually while keeping the color preferences of the present furniture and furnishing options. A bit of play with these tools would help you in deciding what would look best at your home. A good choice for one such online tool would be Kataak . This online designer lets you play with thousands of color and wallpaper combinations to help you find your best fit.

Happy Room Coloring!

Author: Isha Mathur

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