Laying the cutlery for those formal get-togethers !

A well laid cutlery not only make it easy for the guests to enjoy their meal but also adds to the beauty of the space. Though, some find laying the cutlery and stuff tricky but it is not the case, if learned properly.

Here is your step by step guide to set a formal dining table.

Dining Table Design

Setting the Cutlery


Cutlery is always arranged in the order it will be used, starting from the outside and working inwards. Knives and spoons go right of each plate while the forks go to the left hand side. Please note that the fork is placed with an upward faced prong while the blades of the knife being towards the plate (inwards).

Now, the Chinaware


Put the plates on the left of the setting with the smaller one over the bigger plate. Don’t hesitate while mixing different chinaware. This breaks the monotony and creates a distinct appeal. A folded napkin is placed on the side plate (placed on the left) or at either side of the glass.

Don’t forget the Glasses

If you serving only water then place the glass around the tip of the knife or near the napkin. In case, you are planning to serve wine or any other drink, then provide a different glass. The glass can be removed as the course of the meal proceeds.

Happy dining !





Author: Isha Mathur

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