Purify the air in your home with these indoor plants!

Some houseplants not only add oodles to the home decor but also play an important role in purifying the air of the room. If you wish to make your space much more restful and comforting, these plants should be on the top of your list.

1) Aloe Vera

In addition to making your skin all bright and beautiful, Aloe Vera is a great air purifier. The reason being that unlike other plants, aloe releases oxygen even in the night. The plant was also in NASA’s top 50 list for the best indoor plants. The best part – it is easy to grow and maintain Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera
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2) Bamboo

Effective for removing Benzene and Trichloroethylene pollutants from the room, Bamboo scores 8.4 on the NASA’s list for best indoor plants. They look beautiful in any room. It is important to note that Bamboo should be placed in a shaded place, without direct sunlight.


Source – Wikipedia

3) Money Plant

Dominant in Asia and Australia, money plant is known as the wealth and prosperity booster according to the Feng Shui system. Whether or not it brings you material abundance, the Money Plant is a powerful air purifying plant that will clean the air in your house, due to its particular affinity for volatile organic compounds (most commonly in the form of off gassing from synthetic paint or carpets). However, take a note that the leaves of the plant are toxic when ingested and if you have pets or children, you may want to keep the plant out of reach.


Source – Wikipedia Commons

4) Snake Plant– These too like the bamboo release oxygen in the night while taking in carbon dioxide, thus purifying the air in your living room.  Additionally the Snake Plant is known to remove more than 107 pollutants including carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene from the room. These look beautiful, easy on maintenance and takes up very less water.

Snake Plant

Source – Wikipedia Commons

5) Red Edged Dracena

The red edges of this easy dracaena bring a pop of color to the décor while removing the pollutants from the room. Dracena is best known for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which is introduced to indoor air through wall paint, varnishes and gasoline.


Author: Isha Mathur

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