Say NO to these Furniture Shopping Blunders!


Buying a piece a of furniture that looks great at your neighbor’s place or at the showroom can at times be a great disappointment. It is so because while purchasing we tend to forget the fact that factors like room size, wall color,  decor, room location and locality make our room unique and thus has different furniture requirements.

We at Kataak, have listed the common furniture shopping blunders, to ensure you have the best purchase.

1) No planning– More than often it is observed that people go to furniture shopping without planning or having a clear judgment on what they need.  For instance, when my aunt was doing up the guest room, her only requirement was to get a bed that would look good with the sky blue walls of the room. She ended up with a bed that looked like as if being forcefully packed inside the room. She made the mistake of shopping furniture without taking care of her room size and available space. It is advisable to not repeat that mistake!

2) The Ad Influence – If an advertisement promising 50 percent discount on top labels is the key element that gets you going then hold on. Don’t be an impulsive buyer when furniture is concerned. You should understand that these are marketing gimmicks. Instead, look around and get an honest sense of the real out-the-door price for the item to ensure you are paying fair.


3) Test it with Furnishings – Furniture looks good in a room only when it complements the décor and furnishings. Thus, it is a wise idea to test it in home like environment before buying. A good way to do it could be by using Kataak Dekhle. Kataak is an online platform that lets you visualize every aspect of home decor including wall color, ceiling, flooring, decor and furnishings. You can try the furniture across a multitude of wall colors and décor options to ensure that it will suit your home.

4) Check retailer’s return policy– If you buy furniture without checking its return policy, you may find yourself stuck with a piece you cannot return. There may be chances that you get a piece that is termite infested, have visible scratches or marks or is just not reflecting the way you thought it would. Reading the policy beforehand always turn handy in such cases.

5) Future Plans – Buying good furniture is an investment. If you have no plans of changing the theme or decor of the room in the next few years, it is okay to buy an expensive piece as it has to stay good for a longer period of time. Otherwise, it is fine if you go for average quality budget furniture.

6) Family Consideration- With kids and pets at home, the idea around furniture buying takes a different road altogether. In such cases you need robust items that could take up the wear and tear rather than beautiful looking delicate pieces. In addition to this, if you have anyone at home suffering from any physical ailment or disability or is older in age, you need to buy furniture accordingly.

We hope you will find these tips useful. Happy furniture buying to you !

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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  1. Buying furniture without refund/return laws is absolutely appropriate because sometimes Termite infected furniture you buy and then within few months Termite turn down your furniture into powder…

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