Things to consider before installing False Ceilings


Adding false ceilings to a room bring in a new look and comfort to the space and are one of the popular reasons we wish to add them to our home. However, the installing them at home is a tricky job.

Here are the important things that you should consider before getting them installed.

Ease of Installation

Living in a house with POP all around is not a good feeling. To have ease of installation it is pertinent that the work is completed in time. The best way to do is by hiring professionals to do the work, buy needed material in time and move in only when you know the work is done.

Headroom or Clearance

Some false ceilings need more headroom than the others do, so it’s vital to calculate the height of the room before installation. Generally a room has a height of ceiling is 8-10 feet. You can measure the headroom space for ceiling by using a thin layer of plywood or mark the point on wall up to which you wish the ceiling to end.

Size matters

Everyone have his or her preferences in terms of the size of the ceiling. You should be clear whether you want the ceiling around the fan or in the complete room. It is important to ensure the size of the ceiling before investing.

Maintenance & Future Repairs

Generally false ceiling doesn’t require much maintenance. Regular cleaning with broom and mopping with sponge is enough. If you have a white colored ceiling, then it requires time to time painting else it will start looking dull and spoil the beauty of your home.

Design or Theme

False ceiling has the power to glam up any room including living room, bedroom etc, without any efforts. It requires creative thoughts and the right choice of shades. Light colors like white, cream gives a crisp and spacious look whereas earthy shades like brown, orange, and blue make the room dramatic and luxurious.  Adding fixtures also enhance the beauty of the false ceiling. If you are one of those who get bored with the looks in no time, then you should install designs that could be remodeled. Remove a certain set of ceilings and you are done.

Author: Karan Prakash

With training in Mass Communications it seemed natural for Karan to write blogs for us. When he is not writing, he loves drawing caricatures and dancing.

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