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Wall Paints bring with them the power to transform the look of a space. The case is no different for house paints. However, with the plethora of options available today, the choice gets a bit tricky. You need to take care of the kind of impression a particular variety creates as well as the surface it is most appropriate for to get the desired look.

Paints are divided into the following categories:

Distemper is the most economical type of all paints, commonly referred to as the ‘whitewash’ job. The contents of distemper include chalk, lime, and water with a pinch of the desired color shade.  .

The emulsion is also a water-based paint that provides a rich matte finish to the walls. Emulsion comes under acrylic quality. It is waterproof and you can clean the stains from the walls by wiping them. Though a good interior wall paint option, an emulsion is also ideal for exterior walls as it is fungus and mildew resistant.

Enamel is an oil-based paint. It is hard, waterproof, & highly durable. It comes with a glossy look and is used to paint doors, windows or any metal surface.

Masonry paints are an ideal choice for exterior walls or masonry surfaces that include mortar, stucco, cement block and sandstone.

Our take

  • For Interiors – Distemper, Luster, or Enamel.
  • For Exteriors – Textured, Masonry, and Emulsion.

Paints come in a varied range of finishes too.

Eggshell finishEggshell is a durable finish and has a slight sheen. Generally used in kitchen and bathroom where it is easy to clean and doesn’t require any glossy finish. The quality varies with the brand of the product.
FlatFlat paints provide non-reflective finish and under flat, there are various types available including dead flat, matte, etc. They give a slightly rough texture but without glaze. It can be used for both interiors and exteriors.
Glossy finishGloss is a tough color and provides glossy and nice contrast to the surface. They are shiny and have reflective quality. These paints generally suit wooden or metallic surfaces.
Matte finish It has the least reflective sheen and provides a velvety textured look. It provides a deep color effect and known as the standard sheen coat for walls.
Satin finishWith similar properties like glossy but is less shiny, however, gives a smooth and subtle look. It is a popular choice for interiors, wood trims and ceilings.
Semi gloss It provides a subtle shine that is neither too glossy but gives a velvety look. It is highly durable and washable. It is not a good choice for poorly covered walls.

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