Visualize wardrobe designs online with Kataak!

Wardrobe Design

Visualize wardrobe designs online with Kataak – World’s Ist Live Home Designer. Kataak is an easy-to-use online home design tool that you can use as an online visualizer to see how different wardrobe styles and finishes will look in your home.

Wardrobes are one of the most important features in a home. They help us in keeping our stuff in order and add to the decor and value of the property. This is one of the reasons why updating wardrobes in one of the key recommendations for home improvement projects.

However, wardrobes are also a big investment. Using an online visualizer like Kataak, you can “try before you buy”. Choose different wardrobe designs and try them in a virtual environment similar to your home. The Kataak tool includes multitude of wardrobe designs to choose from – from simple to modern, with option of mirror and external shelves, in wood or other materials and more!

With our price meter feature you can also see the approximate price of the wardrobe Select from a wide range of options, visualize online how different wardrobe designs will look in the room, save and compare your options, share the design with your family via Social Media or Email and find the perfect look for your home.

The wardrobe styles pictured above are just a few examples of the beautiful types of designs that you can visualize in your home.

All the wardrobe styles in Kataak are available for everyone to use. You’ll find wooden wardrobes, metal wardrobes, branded or made to order and much more. The best part- the wardrobe will fit your room as we offer room size based options.

To get started, simply create a free Kataak account. Select your bedroom size, choose your wardrobe and see them live. Create the perfect wardrobe designs for your home with Kataak!

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