What does color therapy say about wall colors?

The colors you surround yourself with affects you deeply. Applying the carefully considered principles and psychology of color therapy to your home/office  benefits you and your loved ones.

Here we bring to you a comprehensive list of colors and their impact on your well being according to color therapy


Red Red Energizing emotions.  Increases energy, passion, stamina, stability and vitality Works for any room but red needs careful choice of tone and depth as it can make a space look smaller or oppressive. However, if used well, red and its variations can make a space feel warm and cosy.
 Yellow                Yellow Brings  fun, humor, lightness and creativity in the room. It also promotes feeling of confidence. Activity and study rooms
Not for bedrooms as it  can interfere with sleep since it tends to keep our minds active.
 Green                 Green Creates balance, harmony, social and natural acceptance. It harmonizes the atmosphere and provide fresh and unwind feeling. Depending upon the tone and depth of the shade, it can be used for most areas. Blend with other colors to create harmony
 Blue                  Blue Calming, relaxing and healing Any room except ones for physical activity or play
 Violet              Violet Calming
Enhances purpose and dignity.
Increases  our awareness
Place for worship or meditation. Bedrooms.
 Indigo       Indigo Sedative, relaxing and cosy Not  for areas for entertainment but for  ‘quiet’ places like:
Worship  rooms
Study rooms
 Orange         Orange Warm, fun and energizing
Stimulate creativity
Any activity area or creative spot of your house
Not  for bedrooms
Pink     Pink Soothes , refreshing
Relaxes you and encourages  love.
Ideal for kid’s or master bedroom  .
 black           Black Black used with another colour enhances the energy of that second colour
Powers you for  inner searching.
Not ideal as the only colour in the room, but could be used with other colors
White           White Contains all the colors. Illuminates  thoughts, giving us clarity and peace. Any room. Needs to be blended up with another colour or with plants/decor items/pictures for better usage

Author: Isha Mathur

She studied Instrumentation engineering but found her soulmate in writing. When not scribbling, you can find her drinking tea and talking all around the office.

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  1. I have a light brown coloured furniture on my bedroom.which colour I should choose to paint the walls?

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    • Finding the apt wall color depends not only on the furniture, but also the size and lighting arrangement in the room. If we take your room to be medium sized with white lighting and light brown furniture, colors like beige, cream, cool blue and light pink will be good choices.

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