Your Bedroom, Your Sanctuary

Whether you have a big bedroom or a smaller one, contemporary or traditional, here are ways to make it your very own sanctuary.

The Walls- Nowadays, the trends is more towards pastel or neutral shades like the mauve, beige, cream and dull pink. Think soothing shades. Many people go for light shades with a burst of colors via décor. Wallpapers are a good option too. They not only add to the décor but also make the place a lot more intimate.

The Flooring – Hardwood flooring works the best for a bedroom as it has an aura of warmth within it. You can also add rugs or get the room carpeted for a more luxurious appeal

The bed – Bedroom is all about the bed, so it is important that you make it the focal point. Invest wisely here, as your bed is something that you would be changing often. With a variety of styles, available today, pick the one with whom you could feel the comfort connection. Ensure that the headboard is firm with the height, according to your requirements.

Bedroom Interior Design

Other important elements of the bedroom furniture include the side table, ottoman (if needed), dressing table and a wardrobe. Take into consideration the available space and the kind of decor you have in mind.

And the bedding. At the end, you need a night of peaceful sleep and the mattress plays an important role in assuring that to you. Spend as much as your budget allows you for a quality mattress that is good both comfort and health wise. In addition, take care that you have comfortable yet sturdy pillows and smooth bed sheets & duvets with you.

A dash of items you may need. Many people also add a TV set, mini refrigerator, a small bar to their bedroom to create a mini suite out of their bedroom.

Details make the difference.  There is no need to spend good money to add charm to your bedroom. Get a cute lamp, some adorable picture frames and show your artwork or family snaps. Add a couple of mirrors to the wall or hand a framed scarf of yours. There are endless possibilities. Have fun!


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Author: Isha Mathur

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